All attendees are required to sign a disclaimer before commencement of their first game at Evolution Airsoft.

To download and read the disclaimer before arrive please download the Site Rules and Disclaimer file here.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 17 you will be required to bring a signed copy of the disclaimer by a parent or guardian.

Download Disclaimer

Site Rules

General Rules

  • YOU MUST be 14 years old or over to play. 14-15 year olds MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  • 16-17 year olds MUST have a signed disclaimer by a parent or guardian.
  • YOU MUST comply quickly and completely with all instructions given by site marshalls
  • DO NOT smoke within the gaming area.
  • DO NOT consume drugs, alcohol, or be under the influence of said substances, on site.
  • Any person found to do so WILL be escorted off site and banned.
  • YOU MUST ensure that all airsoft guns MUST comply to the site limits: AEG/PISTOLS 350 FPS (Feet Per Second), Single fire AEG (DMR) 420 FPS, Bolt action rifles (Springer) 500 FPS MAX, whilst using 0.20g bb’s
  • Any player who wishes to bring his/her own guns are subject to testing at EVERY event and for ANY reason, be it random or suspected of breaking site limits.
  • Anyone using bolt action rifles such as sniper rifles where the FPS can be rated at 500 FPS MUST have a side arm (pistol) for the closer encounters

The Safe Zone

  • Whilst you are in the designated “safe zone” or meeting area all guns MUST will be put onto safe
  • Magazines MUST be removed and barrels MUST be cleared of any BB.
  • DO NOT fire into or within the safe/meeting zones at any time.

Your Safety

  • When inside the gaming area all persons within it MUST wear eye protection at all times.
  • DO NOT pick up any unexploded grenades of any kind at any time.
  • Whilst using smoke/flash/thunderflash grenades you MUST shout “grenade”.
  • DO NOT blind fire around, over or under cover at any time.
  • DO NOT bring any real knives or bayonets for the purposes of play to the site.
    Although “knife kills” are allowed you are not permitted to bring any real knifes on site.
  • DO NOT enter or use any structure or area that has been taped off or that a mashal has informed you to be unsafe.

Being Shot / Calling Hits

  • During a game if you are hit you MUST shout “HIT” then raise your hand over your head and calmly walk to your respawn or designated area if stated.
    Any part of the body counts as a hit.
  • Whilst headshots counts as a hit, please show restraint in targeting this part of the body as much as possible.
  • If someone manages to get up close enough for a “knife” kill do not shout out, simply place your hand up and calmly walk to your respawn or designated area if stated.
  • The “BANG” rule is used on site but more of a courtesy, if your opponent chooses to he/she can fire back, the rule can be used within 10 feet of your opponent.
  • If two players shoot each other, or shout “BANG”, simultaneously both players MUST take their hit.
    Also known as a “PARLY”.
  • Gun hits DO COUNT AS A HIT unless you have a side arm (pistol)
  • Thunderflash grenades have a kill radius of 5 metres or if it detonates in your room.
  • At Evolution Airsoft we rely on an honour system if you have been hit either with a bb or a grenade or if you are unsure that you have, your best policy is to take your “hit”. This helps ensure smooth and enjoyable games for yourself and anyone that is attending the day.

Fair Play

  • Bullying WILL NOT tolerated on site at any time. Any person doing so can and will be banned.
  • DO NOT attempt to lift or pull down any walls.
  • DO NOT shoot over walls. Most site structures have hypothetical roofs where the only way to shoot over walls and into buildings is to be at an elevated position (e.g. on an upper floor or if you are in a ground position shooting to an upper floor) standing on an object will not count and will most likely be unstable, for your safety please do not try this.
  • Although airsoft can be seen as high adrenaline activity, DO NOT threaten or attempt any physical aggression towards other players. This includes, but is not limited to, pushing, punching, kicking, jumping onto or tripping or personal insults.
  • DO NOT use aggressive language towards other players. If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved between players they should contact the closest marshal.