Walk On Fee – £20

The cost of a days play at Evolution Airsoft is £20. We refer to this as the Walk On Fees.

Walk On Fees are taken prior to the start of each game day and are payable, in bank transfer or cash.



  • 1 x Walk on Fees


  • 1 x Walk on Fees
  • 1 x Ammo Bag
  • 1 x Gun Hire
  • 1 x Free Mask

Hire Equipment

Gun Hire


Gun Hire - £15

We have a number of hire guns available for players that don’t have their own equipment.

They are supplied with a battery, but no ammo as it’s not uncommon for players to return having only used half a bag of ammo from their last game.

To ensure you’re able to make use of a hire gun on the day please make sure to contact us to book a hire gun on the day you wish to attend.

Contact us to Book

Mask Hire


Mask Hire - Free!

All players, regardless of skill or experience, are required to wear suitable eye protection.

For beginners, it’s highly advised to wear a full face mask, and because we want to make sure you have the most fun possible we offer these free of charge to anyone that needs one.

However, we do have a finite supply, so do make sure to contact us to book a mask for the day if you need one.

Contact us to Book

Equipment and Consumables

BB Bottle (0.2G)


BB Bottle (0.2G) - £10

A bottle of 0.2g BBs.

Most airsoft rifles will shoot well with 0.2g BB’s and if you hire a gun from us this is the ammo you’ll need to buy.

A bottle of 0.2g BBs can typically a player a full day.

BB Bottle (0.25g)


BB Bottle - £11

A Bottle of 0.25g BBs.

These are slightly heavier BBs designed to be used for more accuracy more commonly used with seasoned players.

If you hire from us we’d advise against using these BBs, but they’re available to all that bring their own weapons.



Gas - £11

Gas is used for some pistols and even some rifles.

We offer bottles from £10. Enough to easily last you a couple of game days.

Smoke Grenade


Smoke Grenade - £7.00 (each)

The Friction Smoke Grenade is Enola Gaye original design; snap off the cap which then exposes the fuse which you then strike with the cap to ignite the smoke grenade just like a match! Super easy and very cost effective.

This is an awesome product for the money and is the standard by which other smoke grenades are judged.

Use them to mark targets, cover attacks or create confusion!

Flash Grenade


Flash Grenade - £4

The MK5 Thunderflash is the benchmark product for distraction and diversion. Players use this product to divert their opponents attention when they can’t get an aim on them, a simple but very effective product designed to mimic the version used by the military.

The effect of a MK5 is a loud high pitched noise effect; the ignition system is Enola Gaye friction igniter, just snap off the cap and strike it against the fuse.